Below are just a few of the many weddings I've had the honor of capturing.

I've been blessed to travel all over the world doing what I love. Capturing weddings, elopements, bridal sessions, and so much more. 



"It's hard to put into words what Jake has given us. Our wedding video is so much more than we could have imagined. It brings us so much joy and we can only imagine what it will mean to us years from now. He captured everything on our day and then some, and somehow infused his own bits of magic in it as well.

We are so grateful to have stumbled upon Jake's beautiful work and are so blessed to be able to cherish our video for a lifetime, not to mention a new friendship

Book. Him. You will 110% be so glad you did."

- Chelsea + Chad


"Initially we were unsure about the idea of video at our wedding.  Now, we honestly can't imagine having not hired Jake and his team.  We have the most stunning and timeless film to relive the day forever.  For the family members that weren't able to attend our destination wedding, it captured the emotion perfectly. In retrospect, the best money we spent."

- Amanda + Tony


"Jake was AMAZING to work with. We feel so lucky to have had him for our wedding. Not only did he make us feel so comfortable in front of the camera but he also had ALL the gear & his video was insanely professional. He is the real deal!! "

Brittany + Charles


At the beautiful River Bottoms Ranch, Candace and Noah make promises as Husband and Wife. Surrounded by their family, friends, and God's beautiful creation - Candace and Noah throw a party that will be remembered by EVERYONE in attendance.


On a Private Ranch... in Sunol, California, Taylor + Philip enter into a lifelong covenant in the exact same spot where they had their first date. After years of being together, Taylor knew that up on the hill, overlooking the valley, was the spot she wanted to become Philip's wife. Right up until the ceremony, the site was being built for this momentous occasion.



"We are so grateful to have found Jake to capture our wedding day. For years I've had a vision of what I wanted as my wedding video & Jake made that vision come to life. He perfectly captured all the key moments of our wedding day. When we watched the video all the tender memories came flooding right back. This video will be cherished for the years to come. It will always remind us of the special love we share & the beginning of our adventure together."

- Ricky + Shealan


"Choosing Jake to be our wedding videographer was the best decision we made when wedding planning. He is so personable and makes you feel like more than just another client. Watching our wedding video is the closest thing to reliving the best day of our lives and he captured it perfectly."

- Hunter + Megan



"Jake Weisler Films is a godsend! This dream team captured our morning elopement in the Rocky Mountains and created a stunning masterpeice that we will treasure forever. If you are seeking a genuinely kind, professional, experienced and talented videographer, you've landed on THE ONE. We will still be crying - watching our Jake Weisler film at 80."

Lianna + Cory


"Jake is worth every single penny and so much more. Not only do we have an epic wedding film that blew our minds, we have a new best friend. Jake is the most amazing human you’ll ever work with and his talent is unlike anything we’ve ever seen. He is the best decision we made for our wedding! Hire him!"

- Sydney + Nick


"BEYOND. That’s the only word I can use to describe the amazing, emotional, authentic and beautiful documentary that Jake created for us of our wedding day. His artistic capabilities are untouchable. This is truly something we will cherish our whole lives. If you’re on the fence about spending the funds on a videographer I could not encourage you more to make the jump. Thank you Jake!!!"

- John + Maddison


"You truly cannot put a price on the moments of your wedding day.  We have probably watched our video over 100 times and received thousands of views from friends and family.  We love knowing that these videos will be here for our kids to someday watch too. Jake made us look like movie stars. Highly recommend booking Jake, there will be no regrets.  He's the best in the business and it's only a matter of time before he's charging $10,000 an hour and won't be available for the common people anymore."

Brittany + Mike


"It's truly hard to even find the words that describe how incredibly talented Jake is. We knew we wanted him for our wedding before we knew of literally anything else. (Including our wedding date!) In fact, we actually planned our date based off of when he would be available! It's not often you come across someone as authentically talented as Jake. Not to mention his charismatic, witty, kind-hearted, and genuinely-fun-to-be-around personality, that makes you feel like you've known him forever.

Jake is by far the absolute BEST decision we made for our wedding, and we will continue to recommend him until we're old and grey. (And then we'll recommend him to our grandchildren.) We love you, Jake Weisler Films"

- Brittany + Scott


"We stumbled into Jake by pure FATE! He happened to be in our city around the same time he was referred to me by an old acquaintance so we grabbed coffee to see if we were a good fit. We wanted a fun, fast paced, non traditional wedding video and Jake delivered above and beyond what we asked for! It’s been almost 5 months since our wedding and we still have people telling us how amazing our wedding video was daily! So glad we had Jake there to capture our special day"


- Demi + Anthony


"Jake is everything you could dream of in a videographer! Picking a videographer was one of the most important things for me with my wedding, and I could not be happier with picking Jake. He made us the most beautiful video that I still can’t stop watching. Jake is so personable and so fun to work with! He makes you feel like your best friends after just meeting. I would trust Jake over and over and over again. He is amazing!"

Tanner + Shay




"We're so grateful we had Jake there to film our bridal video. The emotion he was able to capture truly melts us every time we watch our video. His colors and style are professional & clean and his finished work is truly a masterpiece. We are so grateful!"

Samuel + Jesi