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I've put together a place where you can see EVERYTHING in my bag. My cameras, lenses, stabilizers, lights, audio equipment, and even random things like card holders, screen protectors, and audio cables. Click the link below to view ALL my equipment and WHERE to buy it.


Honeybook is the number 1 CRM software that I recommend to anyone who manages a business. It's simple, it's clean, it's professional, and it's a life saver.

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management - and in the business of Wedding Videography, the Customer Relationship should be your number 1 priority. Honeybook helps you stay organized with your clients. It handles all of your inquiries, contact forms, invoices, price sheets, brochures, payments, calendars, and so much more. 

I'd be lost without Honeybook. It's been one of the absolute best investments I've ever made to elevate my brand and my business.

Click the link below to get a 7 day trial, and 50% off your first year.

Jake's Favorite LUTs

LUTs are like Presets for Video. They help enhance your colors BEYOND your color grade. 

I'm VERY picky with what LUTs I use. They need to enhance my film, and not distract from it. I came across a LUT pack from White In Revery (incredibly talented filmmakers, if you don't know who they are... you're missing out), and their LUTs blew my mind. They're pricey, but worth every penny. I LOVE the look they give my final films. 

You'll love them just as much. The colors are moody, but true, and they add a certain depth to the image that I just can't create on my own. You'll love their LUTs.


3 years ago I was newly married, broke, and lacked the skills to make a successful career. I came across an ad for the Ultimate Online Film School, Full Time Filmmaker, taught by Parker Walbeck - a filmmaking legend who had traveled the world with nothing but his camera. 

I was aprehensive at first, but I quickly understood that if I wanted people to invest in me, I needed to be willing to invest in my business. I took the leap and joined Parker's community. 

Nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, has been a greater contribution to my success than Full Time Filmmaker. Parker teaches how to shoot, edit, run a successful business and SO MUCH MORE!

Within just 3 months of joining Full Time Filmmaker, I was able to quit both of my day-jobs and become a Full Time Wedding Filmmaker. 


Click the links below to join the course, hear my full story, or watch Parker's FREE 1 Hour preview of what's included inside of Full Time Filmmaker.

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